Modern Christian artists consider themselves gods, which is essentially “an idolatry of creativity. The point of creating a work of art is ‘the shock of the new,’ creating something that hasn’t been created before, or doing something that hasn’t been done before.”
[Robyn deGroot]

Mar 19, 2011

Here again on the couch, my brain is muddy flabby pouch of too much inward introspect, my faith a sloppy genuflect
A mind with one fine repeating stream, my heart is beating "me me me" I'm smarter than most gal and bloke, smarter than me I vainly quote, too "modest"to promote my brainy gems,
Secretly hoping you'll read them. And the distant rumbles of the throngs who find my words and sing my songs, rejecting back to me one thing, I would die for just some proof... That I was here.
That I mattered, and that I wasn't bamboozled, that I SAW!

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